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Alarm Noise makes Centralized SOC Monitoring costly

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Thousands of alarms, BUT who's reviewing ?

Access Control Alarms Challenges

  • Excessive Volume: Some sites can produce up to 30,000 DFO/DHO alarms per month, making it next to impossible to video review or dispatch every alarm.
  • Alarm Fatigue:  Constant exposure to a high volume of alarms leads to fatigued operators who become desensitized and may overlook critical threats.
  • False Alarms: More than 90% of access control alarms are a nuisance caused by device issues, human error, or environmental factors. If managed, these nuisance alarms are usually cleared without solving their root cause.
  • Alarm Prioritization: Operators must prioritize alarms based on severity and potential impact, which can be challenging when faced with many concurrent alarms.
  • Slow Response Times: Most alarm response workflows operate like a game of Telephone, with many manual steps that cause delays due to operator workload, miscommunications with guard force, or lack of clarity of what happened at the time of the alarm.


The Access Control Alarms Solution

Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence cuts through alarm noise to help you detect unauthorized access and root-cause faulty doors. Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence combines data feeds from your cameras and access control system, uses AI to assess and contextualize the scene at the time of the event, and uses Machine Learning to filter and contextualize these alarm events into a single, unified storyline for a SOC operator to easily review.

  • No rip and replace: Works with existing cameras, access control, and video management systems
  • Correlates across disparate systems: Aggregates data from multiple different types of access control systems and cameras, then uses Machine Learning to standardize, intelligently group, and contextualize the data into one event in a unified interface for review.
  • AI plus Human, not versus: AI enables the early detection of threats, and efficient human review allows human judgement to determine action. Our AI/ML platform is built to help elevate the focus of Operators’ work, not replace them.
  • Video review every alarm: Use AI context from the camera stream nearest the alarm at the time of the event to assess whether an unauthorized person may have entered, or a door remains unsecured.
  • Automate alarm dispatch: For alarms where video review is unavailable or insufficient, streamline the process of dispatching a security guard or robot to investigate and resolve the alarm.
  • Eliminate 99% of false alarms: Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence uses a combination of AI and human operator reviews to achieve insanely high accuracy levels. This allows your Security Operations team to focus on responding only to real, human-verified alarms.
  • Root cause nuisance alarms: Use AI context from cameras and trend analysis to identify nuisance alarms, accurately document the probable root cause, and automate the creation of work orders to have the appropriate party fix the real issue.
  • Not another pane of glass: The Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence platform pushes verified events back into your existing access control system, allowing your GSOC Operators to use the same alarm panel they’re already used to in order to investigate and resolve verified events. No need to have yet another window up on the screen and retrain your operators.

Hundreds of cameras, who's watching ?

Video Monitoring Challenges

  • Attention Span and Fatigue: After only 22 minutes watching a video, a SOC operator will miss 95% of incidents.
  • Information overload: Security cameras are everywhere, but expecting Operators to watch them all is untenable. They end up being used as a reactive, investigative tool for insurance purposes, rather than being leveraged for real-time response.
  • Prioritization of alerts: Just video analytics alone create more noise, rather than less, in the form of alarm events. This makes it hard for Operators to focus on the threats that matter.


The Video Monitoring Solution

Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence uses AI to proactively detect threats in your existing video streams. Then, based on Machine Learning and human verification, it filters and contextualizes these verified alarm events into a single, unified storyline for a SOC operator to review and action easily.

  • No rip and replace: Works with existing cameras and video management systems and makes them smarter
  • Many analytics available: Manages AI-based alarm events from Cobalt proprietary analytics packages and third-party camera analytics, including visible firearms, tailgating, loitering, unauthorized entry, and more.
  • AI plus Human, not versus: AI enables the early detection of threats and efficient human review allows human judgement to determine action. Our AI/ML platform is built to help elevate the focus of the Operators work, not replace them.
  • Affordable, real-time surveillance: Allows one SOC Operator to review live alerts from 150+ cameras
  • Reduced dependency on contracted guards: Many of the threats on-site security guards are hired to observe and report can more efficiently by detected and managed by remote monitoring cameras using Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence.

Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence

Proactive Centralized Monitoring without the noise

Struggling with false alarms and high monitoring costs?

Security threats often involve overwhelming false alarms, making it hard to spot real dangers. Traditional security measures are often reactive, leaving gaps in protection. The challenge of constant vigilance is significant; attention wanes, and not everything can be monitored effectively by humans at all times.

Integrating new technology with existing systems presents another hurdle, potentially leading to inefficient operations. Without the right tools for data analysis, making informed security decisions becomes increasingly difficult. Identifying these issues is crucial for advancing toward more proactive and efficient security solutions.

Introducing Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence, the revolutionary AI-powered SOC monitoring platform. Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, filtering out noise and contextualizing real events for efficient review by trained operators. This transformation not only makes surveillance more actionable but also significantly more cost-effective.
Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence delivers proactive centralized monitoring without the noise!

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Proactively Handle Common Security Challenges

Embrace proactive security with Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence, a leap forward in AI-powered monitoring due to our human-in-the-loop approach. This transformative platform does more than watch—it anticipates and acts, turning the tide from reactive to proactive security measures.

With Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence, your organization benefits from:

    • Early Threat Detection:
      Leverage cloud-based AI analytics to transform existing cameras into proactive detectors of potential threats, including unauthorized access and tailgating.
    • AI-Driven Monitoring:
      Utilize AI to monitor system health, ensuring every camera and sensor is operational, preventing missed incidents due to equipment failure.
    • Smart Alarm Management:
      Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence’s intelligent filtering reduces alarm volume by 90+%, focusing your team’s attention on verified threats and efficiently cutting through alarm noise.

Transitioning to Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence means not just reacting to incidents after they happen but preventing them. With AI at the helm, expect fewer missed incidents, reduced false alarms, and have a security posture that’s always one step ahead.

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Works Effortlessly with Most Hard and Software

Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence stands at the forefront of integration and efficiency in security monitoring, offering a seamless blend with your existing infrastructure while enhancing its capabilities. The platform is engineered to streamline operations, harmonize disparate systems, and elevate the efficiency of security monitoring without the need for expensive overhauls or replacements.

Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence’s integration and efficiency include:

  • Harmonious System Integration:
    Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence works with your current security setups, including video management systems, access control, and camera analytics, facilitating a unified security approach.
  • Alarm Event Consolidation:
    By consolidating alarm events from various systems, Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence simplifies monitoring, enabling a single, coherent view of all security alerts.
  • AI-Based Workflow Automation:
    The platform automates critical security workflows, reducing manual intervention and speeding up incident response times.
  • Legacy System Compatibility:
    With Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence, there’s no need to discard existing infrastructure. The platform enhances the value of legacy systems with AI-driven capabilities.

Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence not only maximizes the potential of your current security investments but also ensures that operations are leaner, faster, and more effective, paving the way for a future where security monitoring is both powerful and effortlessly integrated.

AI-powered and human-verified security solutions by Cobalt will help to detect more, respond faster and save money

Enhance Security Monitoring Uniting AI Precision with Human-in-the-Loop

Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence features a human-in-the-loop approach, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge AI technology with the indispensable insight and expertise of security professionals. This strategy ensures that while AI handles the broad-scale analysis and surveillance tasks, the crucial decisions and nuanced responses are informed by human judgment.

Key features of Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence’s human-in-the-loop model include:

  • Expert-Driven Verification:
    Every alert escalated by Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence’s AI is subject to review and verification by security experts, ensuring accurate threat assessment.
  • Synergistic Technology-Human Collaboration:
    The platform is meticulously designed to allocate technology to its strengths, allowing human operators to concentrate on their best tasks, critical thinking, and experience.
  • Enhanced Knowledge and Support:
    Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence equips your security personnel with the knowledge and support needed to leverage the platform effectively, maximizing both AI and human potential.

By prioritizing this hybrid approach, Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence elevates security monitoring efficiency and enriches it with the depth and adaptability that only human expertise can provide. Read more about the The Role of Human Verification.

Beyond Monitoring: Comprehensive Security Solution

Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence transcends traditional security monitoring boundaries, offering a suite of comprehensive security solutions that address a wide spectrum of organizational needs. Beyond mere surveillance, Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence facilitates a holistic approach to security, blending advanced technology with strategic services to ensure unparalleled protection and intelligence.

Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence’s comprehensive solutions include:

  • Risk Intelligence and Analysis:
    Leverage deep insights into potential threats with Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence’s risk intelligence capabilities. Stay ahead of external threats with predictive analytics and strategic foresight.
  • Program Development Support:
    Benefit from Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence’s expertise in incident management and investigations support. Tailor your security strategies to be proactive and resilient against evolving threats.
  • Operational Efficiency and Data Utilization:
    Utilize Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence’s advanced data analytics to make informed decisions. Enhance your operational efficiency, guard performance, and real estate utilization with actionable insights.
  • Vendor Consolidation:
    Simplify your security operations with Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence’s ability to consolidate alarm events and streamline vendor management. Achieve a more cohesive and efficient security operation with fewer points of contact.
  • Duty of Care and Crisis Management:
     Elevate your organization’s duty of care with Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence’s comprehensive crisis management and mass communication tools. Ensure the safety and well-being of your employees and assets under all circumstances.

With Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence, extend your security capabilities beyond monitoring to encompass a full spectrum of protective, analytical, and strategic functions. Embrace a future where every aspect of your security operations is enhanced, informed, and empowered by the most advanced technologies and expert guidance.

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Addressing Security Industry Needs

Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence is engineered to tackle head-on the myriad challenges that plague the security industry today. By synthesizing AI-driven solutions with human intelligence, it streamlines operations and significantly enhances the efficacy of security monitoring.

  • Addressing Alarm Fatigue:
    With most alarms being false positives, operator attentiveness can wane, leading to missed genuine threats. Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence’s sophisticated AI algorithms filter out the noise, presenting only verified incidents for human review, drastically reducing alarm fatigue.
  • Enhanced Surveillance Capacity:
    Traditional monitoring systems require constant human oversight, which is not only costly but also limited by human capacity to manage multiple feeds effectively. Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence enables a single operator to oversee alerts from 150+ cameras in real-time, magnifying your surveillance capabilities without adding strain to your team.
  • Integrating Disparate Systems:
    Many organizations struggle with the inefficiencies of managing multiple security systems simultaneously. Cobalt v offers bi-directional integration with a wide array of systems, from access control to video analytics, creating a unified security ecosystem that operates seamlessly.
  • Proactive Threat Detection:
    Moving beyond the reactive capabilities of traditional security systems, Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence leverages cloud-based AI analytics to turn your existing cameras into proactive threat detection tools. This early detection capability is pivotal in preempting security breaches before they occur.
  • Cost Reduction and Efficiency:
    The financial burden of running an extensive security operation, especially for organizations without the resources to maintain an in-house GSOC, is significantly mitigated by Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence. Its AI-powered platform automates routine tasks, reduces the need for extensive human monitoring, and maximizes the utility of existing security infrastructure, making high-level security financially accessible.

By addressing these industry-wide challenges, Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence not only enhances security monitoring capabilities but also positions organizations to be more proactive, efficient, and cost-effective in their security operations.

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