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CoBalt Security Solutions: Fewer missed incidents and faster response times

Explore Cobalt’s suite of security solutions for proactive monitoring of your people, properties, and critical assets: the Cobalt™ Monitoring Intelligence platform for AI-powered, human-verified SOC monitoring, the Cobalt Command Center for comprehensive security operations monitoring as a service, and Cobalt Security Robots for on-site mobile surveillance.

AI-powered, human-verified monitoring solutions for SOC & guardforce
Building a GSOC is easier with the Cobalt Command Center, our GSOC as a service through Cobalt
Powered by our Cobalt Omni platform, our Robots have the ability to autonomously patrol, dispatch to alarms, interact with and authenticate people, and integrate with elevators and doors.

Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence is a cloud-hosted, AI-based, human-verified software platform used for real-time monitoring of security devices, including surveillance cameras, alarms, and robots.

Our industry leading platform reduces noise for your SOC and automates many of the tasks associated with watching cameras, reviewing access control alarms, and managing mobile robots.

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The Cobalt Command Center is our state-of-the-art Global Security Operations Center, which provides comprehensive remote monitoring services for our customers.

Our highly trained Security Specialists monitor real-time security alerts using our Cobalt Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence platform and can provide enterprise-grade solutions such as threat intelligence and travel risk monitoring and automated mass communications.

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The Cobalt Security Robot is the leading indoor mobile autonomous robotic platform for safety and security. 

Powered by our Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence platform, our robots have the ability to autonomously patrol, dispatch to alarms, interact with and authenticate people, and integrate with elevators and doors.

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Detect more, observe better to enhance your security services with Cobalt
Respond to security alarms within seconds when alarms occur with Cobalt
Save more and spend less with Cobalt while enhancing your security service

Detect More.

Respond Faster.


the most consistent and accurate Security solution in the industry

Cobalt elevates security solutions by seamlessly integrating human-in-the-loop judgment with sophisticated AI technology, achieving unparalleled incident detection accuracy of over 98% and nearly eliminating false positives. This unique approach is further enhanced by comprehensive security services and alarm monitoring capabilities, ensuring an unmatched level of accuracy and consistency in safeguarding assets. Our blend of cutting-edge technology and expert human oversight sets a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness in security management.

Detect more with Cobalt Security Services using Cobalt Omni, Robots, or GSOCaas
Security cost chart showing that with Cobalt you can save consistently money


Technological advancements make it possible to automate many essential but repetitive tasks traditionally performed by security guards and SOC operators. This creates a significant opportunity for companies to enhance their security using technology without incurring high costs, facing challenges in implementing a new system across multiple locations, or dealing with time-consuming implementations.

Cobalt saves customers money in several ways:

  • Using Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence to reduce the number of embedded GSOC Operators needed to live monitor the security systems
  • Using the Cobalt Command Center as their primary GSOC or monitoring center instead of trying to build, staff, and manage one themselves
  • Using Cobalt Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence and the Cobalt Command Center to take over tasks previously performed by onsite guards and do them remotely
  • Using Cobalt Security Robots as an alternative to Security Guards in certain locations

In every case, by detecting issues immediately and responding to them appropriately, proactive monitoring solutions from Cobalt help reduce the severity and in many cases prevent security incidents from happening altogether.

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