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The Cobalt Command Center provides a streamlined, centralized solution for helping customers manage security operations without the need for heavy investment or complex internal management. This GSOC as a Service solution combines expert security knowledge to develop and manage SOPs, advanced technology including the AI-powered Cobalt Omni platform, and 24/7/365 technical and operational support in over a dozen languages. This simplifies the establishment and maintenance of a Global Security Operations Center (GSOC).

Building a GSOC is easier with the Cobalt Command Center, our GSOC as a service through Cobalt
Global Corporations can benefit from Cobalt Omni helping them detect more, respond faster, save money



The Cobalt Command Center provides live remote monitoring of surveillance cameras and alarms. Our AI-powered, human-verified Cobalt Omni software platform turns your existing cameras into smart cameras, allowing the Cobalt Command Center to monitor these alerts for a fraction of the cost compared to other providers.  This can include an emergency hotline where onsite personnel contact the Cobalt Command Center for help or to report an incident. 

The Cobalt Command Center is built to provide comprehensive, enterprise-grade remote security operations center (SOC) services for our customers.

Our highly trained Security Specialists monitor real-time security events from your cameras and access control using our Cobalt Omni platform. We also provide enterprise-grade solutions such as threat intelligence, hazard, travel risk monitoring, and automated mass communications.

Security with Expert Oversight and Advanced Technology

Cobalt Command Center or GSOCaaS is an ideal solution for organizations seeking high-level security oversight without the need for an in-house Global Security Operations Center. Combining the latest technology advancements with expert human analysis and strategic planning, this service is perfect for organizations needing high-level security oversight without significant in-house resources.

Core Capabilities of the Cobalt Command Center

  • Surveillance Camera Monitoring:
    Real-time security threat analysis by overlaying AI onto your existing cameras for detection, and using highly trained Security Specialists for review.
  • Access Control Alarm Monitoring:
    AI-powered review and management of access control alarms using your existing access control system and cameras.
  • Access Management:
    Credential management and authorized remote unlock capabilities utilizing your existing access control system.
  • Multi-channel Support:
    Comprehensive intake and triage across email, phone, CRM, and enterprise ticketing platforms.
  • Dispatch:
    Efficient coordination with onsite security and emergency services, including automated robot dispatch where available.
  • Mass Notification:
    Automated, template-based emergency notifications via phone, email, and SMS using Crisis 24 Horizon platform or your existing system.
  • Situational Awareness & Alerting:
    Real-time global event monitoring using Crisis24 Horizon platform, ensuring operational impact awareness.
  • Travel Risk Management:
    Employee travel safety, risk assessments, advisories, and emergency support with location tracking via Crisis24 Horizon.
  • Incident & Case Management Reporting: Documentation, trend analysis, and strategy refinement for security incidents, available through Cobalt’s web app or your platform.


Cobalt Omni is the revolutionary AI-powered, human-verified SOC monitoring platform build on years of security monitoring experience. Cobalt Omni seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, filtering out noise and contextualizing real events for efficient review by trained Operators. This human-in-the-loop transformation not only makes surveillance more actionable but also significantly more cost-effective.
Cobalt Omni delivers proactive centralized monitoring without the noise and is an invaluable piece of the Cobalt Command Center.
Facing security threats often involves dealing with an overwhelming amount of false alarms, making it hard to spot real dangers. Traditional security measures are often reactive, leaving gaps in protection. The challenge of constant vigilance is significant; attention wanes, and not everything can be monitored effectively by humans at all times.

Integrating new technology with existing systems presents another hurdle, potentially leading to inefficient operations. Without the right tools for data analysis, making informed security decisions becomes increasingly difficult. Identifying these issues is crucial for advancing towards more proactive and efficient security solutions.

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Cobalt’s advanced security robots bring a new dimension to on-site security with capabilities such as:

  • Autonomous Patrolling
    Navigating complex environments to maintain constant security presence.
  • Real-Time Surveillance
    Enhancing ground-level monitoring for immediate GSOC analysis and response.
  • Crisis Response
    Providing live updates and support during emergencies.
  • Situational Awareness
    Detecting environmental changes and threats for informed GSOC alerts.
  • Intelligence Integration
    Feeding data into Intelligence as a Service for precise threat assessment.
  • Incident Documentation
    Recording incidents for analysis and strategy refinement.
  • Customization
    ailoring features for specific operational needs and environments.

These robots augment traditional security measures, offering scalable, customizable solutions for enhanced surveillance, incident response, and situational awareness.


Security monitoring solutions from the Cobalt Command Center provide scalable, tailored security oversight and technology integration, catering to varied operational needs.

Whether it’s for comprehensive enterprise GSOC services, efficient camera and alarm monitoring, or augmented guarding capabilities with security robots and AI-based virtual patrols, Cobalt ensures your organizations has the right level of security based on your needs and budget.

Features include remote video and alarm monitoring, situational alerting, travel and crisis management, threat intelligence services, and incident reporting, offering a robust security management system for businesses seeking advanced, efficient security solutions.


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Cobalt uses your contact information to communicate about our products and services. You can unsubscribe from these communications at any time. For details on how to unsubscribe and insights into our privacy practices and commitment to safeguarding your privacy, please refer to our Privacy Policy.