Cobalt Named a 2019 Leading Robotics Company in 8th Annual RBR50 List

Cobalt is honored to have been selected as one of the 2019 RBR50 by Robotics Business Review and IDC. The RBR50 is the annual list of the truly innovative and transformative robotics companies that have achieved commercial success in the past year, and Cobalt has ranked as a company to watch in the “Autonomous Mobile Robots” category.

This year, Robotics Business Review worked with global analyst firm IDC to compile the prestigious list, and called on companies “that make innovative products, have achieved commercial success, and those that have disrupted industries with their robots, drones, or autonomous vehicles.”

“For the past eight years, the RBR50 has been the premier listing of the most innovative and commercially successful robotics companies around the world,” said Editor-in-Chief Keith Shaw. “The list continually evolves to show how the commercial and industrial robotics landscape is changing, giving readers a sense of who is leading the charge in robotics, and where the industry is heading.”

You can view out the full 2019 RBR50 report on Robotics Business Review.

The Changing Face of Physical Security

The physical security market is predicted to reach nearly $119.4 billion in 2023, and security robots like Cobalt’s are an innovative, new tool helping address the gap between traditional solutions like manned guards and current technologies like cameras and access control systems (ACS). Security robots actively monitor and respond to incidents with greater efficiency and efficacy.

The result is a more complementary and holistic security program where the impact of existing physical security investments is amplified. Customers can rest easy knowing their security investments are working together to protect spaces and ensure employee safety.

A Brand New Tool in the Security Toolbox

Cobalt’s Robots-as-a-Service model, which combines autonomous patrolling robots with security operations center (SOC)-based human security specialists, enables organizations to participate in a flexible, hourly pricing structure that complements existing security assets. The result is a highly effective security program with significant cost-savings thanks to minimal CapEx investment.

Successful physical security programs comprise a number of components—guards, access control, video surveillance cameras, sensors, alarms, and communications systems—which are strategically deployed to achieve maximal coverage, but security robots are one of the newest and most exciting force multipliers for physical security. Typically, if an incident is captured on camera or sets off an alarm, guards are sent to personally evaluate the event and provide a resolution. Security robots arm guards with an extra set of ears and eyes, effectively amplifying their role and strengthening the impact of every action a guard makes.

To ensure security robots integrate smoothly alongside existing security measures, Cobalt’s robots are now compatible with facilities leveraging access control systems. Now, security robots can enter areas in offices or facilities that would otherwise be prohibited by access-controlled doors. Using a secured, wireless credential—either Bluetooth or RFID technology—the robots can now open a door by communicating with the door’s access control reader and then enter the secured area.

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