Get Your Robot Driver’s License at ISC West!

ISC West 2020 attendees can drive a Cobalt Robot and experience all of its unique capabilities.

Ever wonder what it’s like to drive a security robot? Cobalt Robotics, a manufacturer of intelligent security robots that autonomously patrol indoor facilities, invites ISC West 2020 attendees to Booth 34051, in the Drones and Robotics exhibit, to drive a Cobalt robot and experience how they combine the flexibility of humans with the reliability of a machine, providing high-level human intelligence, rapid situational awareness, real-time responsiveness, and perfect accountability.

“We want to show ISC West attendees how easy security robots are to use, the different applications where they can be a force multiplier, and why security executives should consider implementing them as a part of their security operations,” said Dr. Travis Deyle, CEO and co-Founder of Cobalt Robotics. “We encourage everyone to visit our booth, put on a driver’s cap, and earn their Cobalt Robot Driver’s License.”

Cobalt Robotics’ autonomous indoor security robots are equipped with powerful sensors, including day-night cameras, thermal sensors, motion sensors, and badge readers, which help them to detect anomalies and other risks that might not be detected by the human eye. The robots work alongside human guards and provide a safer environment in places such as offices, museums, and warehouses.

The Cobalt robot uses machine learning to patrol buildings autonomously and flag anomalies such as unknown people, open doors, suspicious items, or unusual sounds. When anomalies are detected, the robot can either respond autonomously or video-call highly trained Cobalt Specialists to help resolve the situation remotely.

Cobalt security robots now feature new leak and spill detection sensing technology, so they can be programmed to detect a leak or spill within a predefined area. Once detected, the security robot can then send the appropriate notification to a robot Specialist.

At ISC West (Booth #34051), show attendees can sit with a Cobalt Specialist and operate the robot themselves, with guidance, for a designated time period. Attendees can book their driving experience in advance, or directly at the Cobalt Booth throughout the show. On-site appointments will be scheduled depending on robot and Cobalt staff availability.

Cobalt Robotics was founded in 2016. Since then, robots designed and developed by the technology start-up have been deployed by several well-known companies, including Yelp, Briggs and Stratton, and Slack.

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About Cobalt Robotics
Cobalt Robotics, the intelligent indoor security service, unites the flexibility of humans with the reliability of machines. The service combines the superhuman sensing, unwavering attention, and perfect recall of a robot with the warmth, creativity, and face-to-face interaction of a remote human Specialist. Cobalt was founded by technologists and roboticists. Investors include Sequoia, Bloomberg Beta, Founders Fund, Promus Ventures and Storm Ventures. For more information please visit

Press Contact:
Lew Pincus
Head of Partner Programs and Marketing
Cobalt Robotics

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