Otis and Cobalt Robotics Expand Integration

New Otis Integrated Dispatch™ API enables Cobalt’s autonomous robots to ride elevators, advancing security and automation in buildings.

Cobalt Robotics, the only machine learning startup to replace security guard posts with autonomous robots around the world, announced today that their robots integrate with the Otis Integrated Dispatch API to call and dispatch Otis elevators remotely.

Cobalt robots provide safety and security primarily through corporate office spaces, automating security workflows more reliably than humans. By integrating with elevators, the robots can provide coverage to multiple floors, increasing the speed with which teams can resolve their safety issues throughout their spaces.

“Our relationship with Otis continues to bring the power of AI-backed security solutions throughout the world,” said Mike LeBlanc, President and COO of Cobalt Robotics. “By integrating seamlessly into buildings with Otis elevators, our robots are able to cover more square footage than any other security robots.”

Since 2020, Cobalt and Otis have collaborated on implementations across continents and at Fortune 500 companies. In addition to ensuring Cobalt robots and Otis elevators connect seamlessly, the two companies have worked to reduce overall project costs and the time needed to implement a robot solution.

The Otis Integrated Dispatch API enables robots from many manufacturers to communicate with almost any Otis elevator via the cloud or a local connection. It provides more flexibility and scalability than conventional hard-wired integrations – allowing robots to work with a bank of elevators, rather than only one, while providing a deeper integration.

“Otis is always looking for the best new technologies and innovations to deliver to our customers,” said Neil Green, Otis Chief Digital Officer. “As more buildings turn to service robots to enhance customer experiences and improve productivity for employees, we’re proud to work with Cobalt and other robot providers to bring seamless innovation and value to customers.”

Cobalt’s Remote Guarding Service Solution
Cobalt’s Remote Guarding Service Solution includes state-of-the-art robots with over 60+ sensors including day-night cameras, 360-degree cameras, thermal cameras, depth cameras, LIDAR, and badge reading capabilities. Using machine learning, semantic mapping and novelty detection, the robot can independently identify and flag security-relevant anomalies like people, sounds, motion, doors and windows and missing assets. Each robot has a screen for communication between remote security specialists and people on-site.

In the event of an incident, Cobalt’s security specialists provide human assistance for complex situations. They will triage the incident, contact appropriate personnel and report back to the security team 24/7/365 based on collaboratively established post orders. They can also provide two-way video from the robot to greet employees, request badge credentials and ensure guest check in.

About Cobalt Robotics
Cobalt Robotics is the only company to automate repetitive manual security and facility tasks with an integrated service which unifies state-of-the-art robotics, machine learning software, and expert human oversight. Its technology platform and 24/7 dedicated professional security services team improve safety, security and facility workflows with greater efficiency and predictability at substantially reduced costs, while allowing guards to focus on tasks that require judgment, empathy and decision making. Cobalt’s mobile robotics help companies make their spaces smarter, safer, and more secure, protecting both their employees and intellectual property. Leading enterprises including General Motors and Slack demonstrate that automation in the workplace is a top to bottom priority with Cobalt. Learn more at www.cobaltai.com.

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