The ROI of Security Robots

As we all know, security is not a revenue generator. Ensuring the safety and security of people, places, and assets is considered a valuable and important investment. Even so, security professionals are consistently asked to measure the return on investment (ROI) for video systems, access control systems and the other technologies they implement and manage. But unless a security incident happens, it can be difficult to put a price tag on a system that is used to deter theft or keep track of people who come and go into a building.

While security professionals have figured out how to assess the ROI relating to surveillance and access control systems, calculating ROI on newer technologies, such as security robots, can be daunting. Cobalt has found, however, that security robots can provide a quicker and more easily defined ROI.

A major challenge in calculating ROI for traditional security solutions is the tedium of capturing the cost of the hardware, software, support, and replacements. Robotic security can instead be delivered as a service. Cobalt does this with a full-service subscription plan with robot deployment, maintenance, updates, support, and replacements, as well as daily, weekly, and quarterly reporting all covered under one subscription cost. Not only does this make calculating ROI easy, it means there are no surprise costs.

Measurable benefits

One of the biggest benefits of security robots is the ability to maximize and amplify security manpower. Robots can enhance an existing security team by providing continuous coverage during the evening hours when the investment in guards is costly. With robots, one guard can oversee multiple floors in a facility or various buildings in an office park at once. Even with such wide deployments, it is still possible to respond to an event in real-time.

Measurable benefits

In addition, security robots have the ability to recognize and flag security risks or hazards that a person may not notice. Robots can be equipped with thermal imaging cameras, allowing them to easily detect environmental hazards like an appliance left on in the break room. Sensors for smoke, carbon dioxide, and liquid can provide clues to an underlying problem that may be preventable. As robots do not tire and can constantly patrol, valuable assets are more frequently and reliably checked on.

Robots also have the ability to identify, monitor, and report on the number of employees who stay past regular business hours. For example, if 10 people typically stay until 8 p.m. at night, the data collected can be used to help manage lighting or to change the HVAC system to save money instead of keeping these systems running during the evening hours.

Because of their ability to detect people, security robots are proving themselves to be invaluable in the event of an emergency, such as a fire. A security robot provides an additional method to check that all people have evacuated a building without putting another person in harm’s way, and can easily identify individuals that remain.

While still considered an emerging technology, security robots are already providing security professionals with measurable and real value in an industry that demands accountability and results.

See the value security robots bring to security programs by visiting Cobalt Robotics at GSX in Las Vegas from Sept. 25 – 27 in Booth 353, where you can watch the robot in action and meet our Specialists.

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