Cobalt’s service is designed as a partnership rather than a transaction. Our services include highly-capable robots, best-in-class software, 24/7 support from our Command Center, and same-day service and maintenance all for one flat hourly rate.

Autonomous Patrols

Robots combine a customized map with real-time sensors to autonomously navigate static and dynamic environments.

Anomaly Detection

Robots use machine learning to build a model of what’s normal in your space, then use their unlimited attention span to identify anything out of the ordinary.

Superhuman Sensing

Equipped with a thermal camera and hazardous gas sensors, our robots pick up on anomalies that would go undetected by human guards.

Perfect Recall

Easily access video logs and snapshots of every incident in your space, allowing you to always be the expert in the room.

Intelligence Consultant

Cobalt is led by experts in the security industry who are available to advise on vulnerability assessments and proper robot employment. Experience ranges from Special Operations Officers in the U.S. military to former private sector security leaders.

Pattern Analysis

60+ sensors on the robot provide unmatched pattern of life collection and analysis. This data is processed into customizable daily and weekly security reports highlighting trends and vulnerabilities over time.

Customer Dashboard

Access real-time camera feeds, monitor escalated events, and send dispatch requests to your robot fleet from any device anywhere in the world.

Analytics Database

Quickly investigate detailed incident reports in your space using a searchable database that includes key snapshots from each event over time.

Customer Service

Cobalt works with clients to build custom user experiences based around customer satisfaction. Employees are trained in specific concierge services: promotions, sales support and crowd management.

Human Interactions

Cobalt employees use two-way video chat to resolve incidents and help personnel on site.

Incident Response

Every event or anomaly detected by the robot sensor suite is reviewed and managed by a Cobalt analyst. Escalations and alerts are tailored to the needs of the client.

Physical &

  • Unauthorized personnel
  • Unsecured doors
  • Audio anomalies
  • Unattended devices
  • Unsecured IP

Facilities &

  • Pipe and Roof Leaks
  • Thermal anomalies
  • Fire Extinguisher checks
  • HVAC performance
  • Fire hazards

Health & Safety

  • Hazardous spills & gases
  • PPE violations
  • Overflowing trash bins
  • Trip & Fall hazards
  • Emergency response support

Concierge &
Revenue Generation

  • Visitor Management
  • Ads and Promotions
  • Customer Service (FAQ)
  • Navigation assistance
  • Events & Conferences


Each partnership also includes a dedicated Cobalt Security Consultant. Their primary purpose is to deeply understand your organizational needs to cater our service to be most valuable to you. They will work closely with your team to understand how you view and respond to threats, collect and analyze data over time, and drive behavioral change in your organization. The result is a stronger, more integrated Safety and Security program.

Security Preparation

A Cobalt Security Consultant will work with your team to perform a detailed site-assessment: understanding how you view your threats, preventive measures in place, and planned responses when action needs to be taken.

Problem Framing

We identify security goals, when and where changes must be made, most importantly, why. This allows your team on how best to utilize the data we will provide. As your security situation constantly evolves, we respond by continuously reframe the problem.

Post Order Development

Post Orders develop detailed steps for what we will collect and report on during patrols. Our machine learning is driven by a series of “If this, then that” statements. For example, if we detect an open perimeter door, then call your SOC immediately. Our team will work with you to draft a detailed list of possible anomalies and subsequent actions to be taken, ensuring clear information flow and fast response times.

Establishing a Baseline

During the first week of patrols, our machine learning will be training in your space, defining what is normal and what should be considered an anomaly. Rather than growing complacent over time, the data we collect is constantly improving and giving you a more complete picture of the threats you face and the actions you can take to prevent them.

Transition and Expansion

The purpose of Cobalt’s service is to enhance your SOC’s ability to make sound and timely decisions. Once our robots are properly patrolling your space and have integrated with your team, we will work with you to help better understand how to utilize the guards you have, elevating their work to provide you with a better security program.

Cobalt Robot patrolling in office general area

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