COBALT™ Monitoring Intelligence

Security Operations Automation


Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence is a security alarm monitoring and access control system automation service designed for companies of all sizes.

Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence takes your existing physical security hardware and uses Cobalt’s AI and Machine Learning software to monitor and detect threats in real-time.

In our human-in-the-loop system, specialists verify alarms, reduce noise, and provide security teams with actionable information 24/7/365.

* Different Security systems
* Low-quality, high-cost guards
* Monotonous tasks

Sounds Familiar?

The physical security industry is characterized by too many different systems, low-quality, high-cost guards, and dull, repetitive, monotonous tasks.

Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence compliments your guards with technology, automating the repetitive tasks better suited for machines and letting your team do work that matters.


  • Guard companies and corporations run SOCs to provide 24/7/365 monitoring of threats to their properties and personnel
  • SOC activities consist of routine camera monitoring, alarm response, incident reporting, and systems monitoring
  • These routine activities can be automated, freeing up people for higher value activities and reducing the need for headcount

SECURITY AUTOMATION THROUGH Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence

  • Cobalt’s customers hire SOC operators to monitor large video walls, respond to alarms and maintain other security systems
  • These workflows are inefficient because the tooling available for SOC operators lack machine learning sophistication and quality UX
  • Cobalt has developed state of the art machine learning pipelines and incident management software for robot fleet management
  • Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence applies these same building blocks to automate the majority of SOC operator work


Alarm Response

Automatic verification of alarms to significantly reduce the number of responses to false alarms

Unauthorized Personnel

Identify unauthorized personnel and notify guards or authorities to resolve

Medical Emergencies

Have eyes on site and immediately call emergency services during a medical emergency

WHY Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence?

Our software is better than other solutions

Our software enables operators to manage 90+ cameras with 95% effectiveness

Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence integrates with whatever stack our customers bring

Cobalt Monitoring Intelligence integrates with a vast array of access control, video management and other security systems

We reduce the SOC workload

Cobalt’s AI engine naturally filters the noise from cameras and access control systems, significantly reducing the number of alerts SOC operators have to investigate

We are building off and improving existing capabilities

Any Cobalt SOC solution would integrate seamlessly with roving Cobalt robots to provide immediate situational awareness as soon as the SOC identifies a problem


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Cobalt Robot patrolling in office general area

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